Rocheba Law Publications

The Organisation complements law practice with regular publication of legal resource materials in employment, labour and industrial law. The Nigerian Labour Law Reports, Rocheba's Labour Law Manual and Labour Statutes of Nigeria are publications of Rocheba Law Publishers


We hold ourselves bound and shall be driven by the following mission statement:

  • To Facilitate a Systematic Development of Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Nigeria.
  • To Make Judicial Decisions on Labour Law and Industrial Relations Handy and more Accessible to the:
    • Bar and Bench
    • Employers and Employees
    • Private and Public Organizations
    • Academic and Research Institutions
    • Local and International Labour Agencies
    • And all other Stakeholders in the Labour Industry
  • To Promote Specialization in Labour Law Practise and Adjudication by Reporting Decisions of our Superior Courts of Record from the National Industrial Court to the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

And We pledge to keep faith with it by the strength of the Most High.


OUR MOTTO - NIGERIAN LABOUR LAW REPORTS - “Dignity in Labour through Law Reporting”



We are Legal Consultants in Labour Law and Industrial Relations with special interest in ensuring industrial peace and harmony in the work place. Essentially, The Rocheba Group has researched and come to the irreversible conclusion that the monotony of labour crises in Nigeria particularly in relation to Pensions is largely a function of ignorance of the legal rights, duties and obligation of the players and stakeholders in the industry hence our resolve to reverse the trend.

This is being achieved through -

  • Publication of Law Reports of decisions of our superior courts of record on labour cases. The publication – Nigerian Labour Law Reports- is the first of such publication in Africa.

    Publication of specialized Labour Law Manual for intellectual discourse and in-depth analyses of decisions and topical issues in labour law and industrial relations (in print).

  • Publication of Labour Statutes of Nigeria (LSN) containing all statutes on Labour in Nigeria since 1915 (in four volumes in print)
  • Organization of specialized Workshops on labour law and industrial relations

In 2003, the Firm took a bold decision to take a fontal role in the development of labour law practise by the publication of the Nigerian Labour Law Reports (the first specialized Law Report in Nigeria on Labour Law) and other related legal titles.
We are a publishing outfit specializing in professional and academic publications and hereby introduce our services to your Faculty.

We own and operate a full fledged Printing Press to support our publishing works. Rocheba Press, an arm of Rocheba Publishing, has the following functional machines at present:-

  • Kord machine for printing
  • 201 machine for printing
  • Guilotine (paper cutting machine)
  • Lithographic machine (plate making)
  • Stitching machine
  • Standby 40KVA brand new Generator etc.

We make bold to say that we are thoroughly equipped for prompt delivery of high volume/quality services in the printing of:-

  • Books
  • Manuals
  • Teaching aids/Handouts
  • Handbills/Posters
  • Flyers, and
  • Calendars etc.

We also undertake in-house finishing jobs for security reasons. To achieve this, we have a separate finishing section located outside the Printing Press.